Quality Policy

The Quality of our service is a key factor for the success of AD HOC.
In this perspective, our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction both in terms of the work carried out and the
service; being selected and appreciated by our Customers means excelling in terms of efficiency, quality,
performance and image.

In order to achieve the quality objectives set, AD HOC intends to promote and develop the following initiatives:
– Creation and implementation of a Quality Program according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard;
– Creation, implementation and support of a “Quality” department to ensure the proper and adequate
management of the program;
– Involvement of all departments and Consultants with a view to customer satisfaction by means of compliance
of work carried out, competitive prices, flexibility and punctuality in the provision of the Service;
– Official certification of the Quality System by an independent accredited Certification Body;
– Compliance with workplace safety and hygiene regulations;
– Targeted recruitment of consultants according to DESTINATION teams, their enhancement and growth over
– Attention to clients’ ESG strategies to be supported, where required, with strategic advisory interventions.

In particular, the following objectives to increase business improvement have been set:
1. Creation of a Quality System and maintenance of the ISO 9001:2015 Certification;
2. Study, activation and management of a system to measure the level of Customer satisfaction;
3. Implementation, based on the results of the study mentioned in point 2, of actions aimed at improving any
critical areas that emerge;
4. Creation of a monitoring detection system for work carried out;
5. Constant survey of consultant satisfaction and any critical areas through periodic meetings of the office
manager with the resources;
6. Maintaining the work activity in a smart working mode particularly appreciated by Ad Hoc’s resources;
7. Cybersecurity policy with real-time intervention to ensure continuity of service and guarantee the privacy of
data on the clients.

Top management establishes, implements and manages a Quality Policy that:
a) is appropriate for the purposes and the context of the organisation and supports its strategic direction;
b) provides a reference framework for setting quality objectives;
c) includes a commitment to meet the applicable requirements;
d) includes a commitment to the constant improvement of the quality management system.

The Quality Policy is:
a) available and kept as documented information;
b) communicated, understood and applied within the organisation;
c) available to the relevant stakeholders, as appropriate.
The Quality Manager has full responsibility and authority for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Quality
Manual and related procedures.

Milan, 9 th November 2023

Quality Manager

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