What we do

For any problem there’s an Ad Hoc solution

Business Communication

We support our clients in getting their products/services out on top, through communication strategies conceived for making their business easily recognisable as unique and top-level, putting their distinctive competences in the limelight.

Corporate Communication

We create internal or external institutional communication projects and strategies, aimed at defining a cohesive identity, functional to the targets of the organization.

Corporate social responsibility

We develop CSR projects finalised to making corporate capabilities of creating shared social value stand out, in order to create a legitimisation and social consensus climate around them. We work with our clients side by side in managing their relationships with stakeholders, on whom most of the companies's ability of being sustainable over time relies on.

Crisis Communication

We support our clients in managing crises, without being overwhelmed by them, with a strict planning of communication processes, in order to contain any possible negative effect of a crisis, taking instead the most out of it.

Digital Communication

Communication tools are continuously developing. We create websites, we are expert in social media communication and web reputation, we develop strategies for any need connected to the Internet. Our digital strategies create innovation, and we are able to realise it thanks to our technical tools.

Financial Communication

We are proud of our 20-year experience in financial communication of quoted and non-quoted complex organisations, as well as in the communication of extraordinary financial operations, M&As, IPOs, Takeover bids.

Leadership Building

For over twenty years , we've been devoted to improving, reinforcing and communicating the distinctive features of potential and actual leaders in several areas of activity.

Public Affairs

We're glad to offer a success track record in promoting public policy choices on economic issues at governmental and parliamentary level, representing the interests of some corporate categories.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Obtaining legitimisation and consensus by stakeholders and influencers is key for the success of any organisation. This is why we created a process of Stakeholder Dialogue®, tailor-made according to our clients' specific needs and reference background.