A long journey of success, 25 years for you of which the last 10 have been with us at Arca Fondi. During these years Ad Hoc Communication has been the ideal partner for Arca Fondi, the consultant able to support a strong and structured growth guaranteeing continuity and professionalism. It is thanks in part to Ad Hoc that Arca Fondi is now a strong brand and is recognised by both the public and industry professionals. With a perceived quality in line with the best international competitors. From all of us, happy birthday Ad Hoc! Three characteristics to define Ad Hoc: Effective: our collaboration with Ad Hoc over the last 10 years has produced excellent results. Essential: for me Ad Hoc is essential. In each of Arca Fondi’s communications it is essential to consult with Ad Hoc, who always finds the best way to present us. Smart: they are definitely a group of people who work very quickly and support us on a day to day basis.