My introduction to Ad Hoc coincided with a particularly intense moment in my career: the privatisation of Seat, later renamed, with the help of Ad Hoc, Seat-Pagine Gialle. It was my first experience of direct contact with the stock market and the simultaneous explosion of enthusiasm for the Internet and digital technology that would lead to the 2000/2001 bubble. Despite a background in publishing that had given me a good understanding of the world of the media, the relationship with Ad Hoc, as well as providing timely help with the company’s communications, taught me many things that have served me well in the subsequent years. For this I would like to thank Mario Pellegatta and Giorgio Zambeletti. Understatement, pragmatism and effectiveness seem to me to be the definitions that best suit the work of Ad Hoc, to whom I wish another 25 years of success in a world of communication that has undergone, is undergoing and will continue to undergo many changes.