And so Ad Hoc turns 25, indeed – as we say in France – “Un quart de siècle”! We at CEVA Logistics have been supported by Ad Hoc professionals for almost two years; their presence and their support allow us to always feel calm and solid: we know that, whatever happens, their advice will be crucial. After all, how could it not be so? With them we have overcome a crisis, coming out even stronger than before. When I think of Ad Hoc, a few distinctive traits come to mind: the speed and promptness in addressing requests, their willingness to help with any need and at any time, their all-round competence and the ability to put themselves in our company’s shoes. Finally, seriousness, but also the ability to joke because professionalism can always be combined with the lightness that is created when there is harmony. And with the professionals of Ad Hoc it is impossible not to find harmony! So, in short, happy birthday Ad Hoc!