As a Roman, I hate admitting the supremacy of the Milanese, least of all when it’s true! I’m making one of my few exceptions here by recognising the professionalism developed by Mr Pellegatta and Mr Zambeletti as Milanese ‘excellence’. After 25 years in business, their Ad Hoc Communications has succeeded in becoming appreciated and sought after even in the latitudes of the capital. It’s a sign of their flexibility and modernity in meeting the needs of different customers – private companies or public bodies – to guide them into the future of Italy. Birthdays serve as a check on the quality of people and their creations. If over time you continue to perceive value in something, it means that it is something of value. Congratulations to Mr Pellegatta and Mr Zambeletti and their staff! Three adjectives to define Ad Hoc: authoritative, flexible, unpredictable.