Hi Mario and Hi to the whole Ad Hoc family! First of all, congratulations on your 25 years. I’m happy to remember our many years together. Everything always worked out for the best, certainly thanks to your professionalism, but also in large part thanks to the trust you inspired and which enabled us to share all our information with you at all times, all of it! Thanks to this, everyone was able to give of their best, say what they had to say and answer the questions in the most appropriate way! I remember with great fondness the many extraordinarily intense times that we went through together. Yours has been a wide-ranging project of great quality. Well done! Hi Mario and my good friends at Ad Hoc, my wish is very simple and is made for the people and for your business. My wish is for the people to continue the adventure they have embarked on together with the same spirit and values as always, which must be unchanging. My wish for your business instead is that it will be the first to embrace the many changes that we will see in the coming years: it will not be easy to be at the forefront and at the same time defend the unchanging values of the past; you are only 25 years old but it seems as though a century has passed! And in a way it has. You will succeed and very well at that. Heartfelt best wishes! The adjectives I would use to describe Ad Hoc professional are: competent, dedicated, enthusiastic