“Great minds think alike”, say the English. When we founded Investindustrial, a few years before Ad Hoc came into being, my goal was to create an industrial holding company with people I could trust completely and who shared my approach. In Giorgio, Mario and throughout Ad Hoc I found those people and I sought their advice, always trying to find the best possible way of working together for each project. In the 25 years of their history, Giorgio and Mario have distinguished themselves as excellent ‘tailor made’ communicators, perfectly embodying the characteristics of ingenuity and resourcefulness that I find in Italian entrepreneurs. Over the years, Giorgio in particular has been able to ‘tailor’ communications to our style, without pushing us to be something we are not and respecting the modus operandi that sets us apart. The friendship that now binds us proves that being willing to dare, and respecting the nature of the customer, is always rewarding. As my grandmother taught me, if you want to achieve results that can be remembered over time, you mustn’t be afraid of challenges. I wish you all the best and I am sure we will go a long way together.